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Learn from the only professional special effects makeup studio in Atlantic Canada.  We will give you tips and tricks from more than a decade of experience in life cast, prosthetic making, prosthetic applications, teeth making, props and more!

Gain the knowledge and skills required to be an efficient SPFX makeup artist for any type of production, for cosplay, or as a hobby.  Even if you graduated from a makeup school, learning is never over.  All workshops are in a semi private setting and in a shop environment.


Our goal is to make you our next generation of SPFX artists.

Cassie the Witch

Monster Maker DIY Workshop

In this 60 day workshop, we will introduce you to most of the techniques used in the Special Effect Makeup industry.  From design to final product, you will learn everything you need to explore your passion for FX.  Perfectly suited for anyone who may be looking to get into the industry, pursuing a hobby, or expanding their cosplay knowledge.


The full workshop includes the following:

- Prosthetic 101

- FX Makeup for Beginners

- Prosthetic Flat Mold

- Prop Making

- Making Monster Teeth

- Out of Kit Casuality Simulation

- Eye Making

- Airbrushing


You will also leave with a lifecast of your head, prop of your arm, prosthetic flat mold, monster teeth, eyes, and receive a complete SPFX makeup kit with sculpting tools in order for you to continue your FX journey.


Prosthetic 101 Workshop

In this 30 day workshop, learn all the basics for making, applying and removing safely all types of prosthetics.  From the moment you receive your script, to application, maintenance and removal on set.  We also cover the basics of the business of SPFX.


- Skin care, safety

- Script breakdown and planning

- Bald cap making and application

- Life cast

- Character design

- Sculpting

- Molding (flat molds, stone, resin)

- Casting materials

- Cast your pieces (silicone, foam, gelatin)

- Teeth making

- Laying hair and hair pieces

- Pre-application painting

- Application

- Removal and skin care

- Intro to Film/TV industry

- Portfolio


FX Makeup for Beginners Workshop

This is an intense 3 day workshop where you will learn everything you need to start creating your own Monsters!


- Safety

- Introduction to products and out of kit FX 

- Lifecast of your own head and you get to keep it!

- Sculpting and molding

- Bald cap application

- 3D Bondo transfers

- Blood gags made easy!

- Airbrush and painting

- Applications and removal


Prosthetic Flat Mold Workshop

In this one day workshop, you will learn a fast and easy way to make quick flat molds for your appliances.  You learn it, you sculpt it and you leave with your own flat mold.

- Safety

- Marking and planning

- Sculpting

- Prep and cast with Silicone

- Cast your own prosthetic and leave with the knowledge and your own work.

Perfect for casualty simulation and small effects.


Prop Making Workshop

In this one day workshop, you will learn the basic of prop making. We will show you how to cast your hand in the material of your choice and complete the prop with a realistic skin paint that you get to take home.


- Safety and materials (Silicone, Urethane, Latex filled foam)

- Making a small life cast

- Casting in the material you desire 

- Painting techniques

- Overview of hair work


Making Monster Teeth Workshop

In this 2 day workshop, you will learn how to make proper dental acrylic monster teeth and leave with your own teeth master mold, monster teeth mold and acrylic denture.


- Safety and products

- Molding the mouth

- Casting positives and molding a master mold

- Sculpting

- Casting dental acrylic

- Paint and finish


Out of Kit Casualty Simulation

In this 3 day workshop, you will learn all the basics to create any type of injury, straight out of a SPFX makeup kit.


- Skin care and preparation

- Safety

- Out of kit equipment and set up

- Color theory

- Bruising, scratch, blunt and open wound trauma

- Burns

- Reshaping the body with different materials

- 3D transfer application, coloration and removal

- SPFX Makeup Kit provided